Eat to live, don’t live to eat?

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Food is a means to be alive and  functional so that we can achieve our goals. Food is not the goal.
Somehow is modern society food has become the goal. We look forward for our meals.
Once we understand that food is a means to an end rather than the end, we will become more mindful eaters.
This thought process will come once we introspect what we eat. Introspection of your daily eating habits and modifying them slowly, will help you transition towards a better meal plan and  balanced diet.
Any change made should be slow and mindful. Start with change in breakfast. Stick with those changes for a week. Once you have streamlined those changes, move towards your dinner.  Keep your lunch as it is. Once you have streamlined your breakfast and dinner , things will be under your control. This accompanied with physical activity will bring health in your life in 2019.
Eat well and stay healthy!



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